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Colorado 一年级 Admission Guarantee

At UNC we are deeply committed to a students-first approach. With more than 40% of our students identifying as first in their families to attend college, we understand how stressful the college search process can be. Our 一年级 皇冠app官方版下载 Guarantee for Colorado residents removes the guesswork from knowing whether UNC is a college option for you. 所有学生 meet the criteria outlined below will qualify for automatic admission into the University 北科罗拉多.*

问题? Refer to our FAQ list below or contact us. 


一年级 Guarantee Requirements: 

  • Current Colorado high school student**
  • 3.0 Cumulative High School GPA (Weighted)
  • 4年英语 
  • 4 years of Math (or 3 years of math with at least a B in Algebra 2) 
  • 3 years of Physical / Lab Sciences
  • 3 years of Social Sciences
  • Meet all other high school graduation requirements.
  • Submit application for admission by March 1  of your graduation year

Aerial photo of students forming the letters U-N-C

* Admission to UNC requires submission of documents including school transcripts and a complete admission application (either a 熊的应用lication or a 常见的应用程序lication). At times, our Office of 皇冠app官方版下载 may request additional required documentation before making an official decision.   

** 研究生s of a Colorado high school who, since graduating, have 不 enrolled at a不her college or university are eligible.  

Frequently Asked 问题

  • If I don't meet the criteria, can I still be admitted to UNC? 

    绝对! Students who do 不 meet the criteria still receive full consideration for admission through a 全面的评估 of factors including applicants' academic course selection and rigor, overall GPA and trends as well as their involvement and leadership experiences, academic reflection, personal statement/essay and letters of recommendation, as provided.

  • What if I'm 不 from Colorado? 

    While there is no guarantee, if you meet the requirements outlined in the first-year guarantee you can expect to be a competitive candidate for admission regardless of your home state or country. If you have specific questions, contact your admissions counselor or simply email us at admissions@hiwaypaint.com.

  • Is it really so simple? 

    是的! UNC's Colorado 一年级 皇冠app官方版下载 Guarantee is straightforward on purpose. If you meet the requirements and submit all of the required documents on time, you will be assured of general admission to the university.

  • What about foreign language requirements? 

    For a number of reasons we 不 have a foreign language requirement. 我们了解学生 may have unique circumstances that warrant an exception, such as already being bilingual/multilingual or students with learning disabilities or processing disorders. In addition, we recognize school environment circumstances are beyond students' control such as schools 不 offering foreign language courses due to nationwide teacher shortages or other reasons.

  • I graduated from high school before 2023 and haven't attended college, am I eligible? 

    是的! 所有学生 graduated from a Colorado high school and have 不 enrolled in college since then are eligible. 

  • Will I also qualify for scholarships? 

    绝对! Students who have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher also qualify for automatic admissions scholarships